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  1. Antony Selvan

    Antony Selvan is a PhD student whose research focuses on mathematical modelling of ciliary flows around coral surfaces, examining the effects on mass transport and bacterial …


  2. Vicky Waymouth

    Dr Vicky Waymouth is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on an interdisciplinary ARC Discovery Project (co-supervised with Prof. Michelle Watt). Her work focuses on modelling microorganism …


  3. Pranali Deore

    Dr Pranali Deore is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Mary Lugton Fellowship) working in areas of marine microbial symbiosis. She uses expansion microscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy …


  4. Douglas Brumley

    Dr. Douglas Brumley is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and leads an interdisciplinary research group at the interface of mathematics, biophysics and microbial Ecology. The …


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